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Hi Shopaholics!

If you are interested to know more about the people behind miss shopaholic's closet, here's a synopsis of our interview with Your Shopping Kaki for winning the YSK August Blogshop of the Month title! =)

Q&A with Miss Shopaholic
Owner of Miss Shopaholic's Closet

YSK: Congratulations! Now tell us, how did it all begin?

Miss Shopaholic:
Thanks Sha Lene! Was very happy to be nominated and even happier to actually win it! Thanks to every shopaholic out there who have voted and supported us! =)

miss shopaholic's closet started off for fun with a friend cause we both love shopping! I was going for holiday in Taiwan then, and a lot of my friends actually asked me to shop more so that they can buy from me! At the same time, my co-owner (at that time) is going to Bangkok! So we decided to shop more of the stuff we like and share it among ourselves and our friends when we are back! We then started miss shopaholic's closet website (with the help of my sis) and invited all our friends to shop with us!

The landslide votes that saw MSC to victory, with 624 votes!

YSK: What's the reason behind your blogshop name?

Miss Shopaholic:
It's quite obvious! (not very creative with names eh!) *hehe* The whole concept when we started out this e-shop is to share the shopping buys we managed to find for ourselves and also share our ideas of how to mix and match with the existing or new items that we have bought! Every single piece of item that you see from our e-shop, it’s something we will buy for ourselves and hang into our own closet as well ;) That's why, this is miss shopaholic's closet!! From miss shopaholic's closet to your closet! =)

(edited: psst.. this is our banner when we first started!)

YSK: Who are the people behind MSC? Tell us about yourselves! :)

Miss Shopaholic: miss shopaholic's closet started off with two self declared shopaholics, me and my friend, Cindy. However, when Cindy got married, her priorities shifted to her family and hence, I decided to take over to continue with miss shopaholic's closet alone! Cindy now became one of my frequent buyers instead! =) Running miss shopaholic's closet alone is not easy as I also have a full time job. However, thanks to my ever supporting mum, she helps me a lot in posting out the parcels to my shoppers and also during bazaars! My sisters also volunteered to be models whenever they are back as they are both overseas. Photos are all taken in my room with the pink wall as background.

YSK: What would you say is the most memorable memory from running MSC?

Miss Shopaholic: Hhmm... there's a lot! From taking part in various bazaars, making new friends with other e-shop owners and buyers and also being approached to sponsor items for photoshoot of a new online magazine for women to having our first fashion show during the launch of the magazine recently! All these experiences will not be possible without miss shopaholic's closet. The most memorable one will definitely be my involvement with the online magazine, meeting the founder, Yus who is an aspiring young entrepreneur and also winner of the Dutch Lady SHINE 'Itstartsinme' Project.

ITEM CODE: 003011

ITEM CODE 008010

YSK: What can we expect from MSC in the near future? ;)

Miss Shopaholic:
Besides shopping, I also love travelling. So do expect overseas goodies up for sale as well!! Goodies from Bangkok, Taiwan, Hong Kong and even Paris and London! We'll also be having designer bags pre-order now and then whenever we travel to Europe! ;) As a designer bag lover myself, I want my shoppers to be able to own these bags as well and at a much cheaper price than in the flagship stores here in KL! Besides designer bags, we also have pre-orders for high street european brands. =) Plus you can save on international postage / shipping cost cause I will be bringing it back for you!

YSK: Is there anything you'd like to say to everyone who voted you to the winning title? :D

Miss Shopaholic:
Yes of course! Many many thanks to all of you! Really appreciate your support! Besides all my dear online shoppers, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends who have supported me in the beginning and til now! They straight away voted for me when they knew bout this! Many of them are my frequent buyers who encouraged me to start miss shopaholic's closet in the first place, scold me when I have not updated for a long time, straight away bank in, call or email me to reserve the items for them. Some of our outings and meet ups are turned into shopping sessions as I will bring the stuff that they are interested in for them! I really appreciate everyone of you!

As for my online shoppers, you all are fantastic too cause you don't even know me and you put your trust in me to shop with me and also voted for me! Especially when I was doing the first pre-order for designer bags before my trip to Europe in April 09, it really amazes me that my shoppers actually bank in thousands of ringgits with no questions asked and waited patiently for it! The online shopping community is really amazing and I am glad I am part of it! The trust and support is something I appreciate deeply!

Thank you everyone for making miss shopaholic's closet possible!! I will try my best to bring in more goodies for everyone! Last but not the least, thanks Sha-Lene for organizing this! =)

**Note: Some parts of the interview have been edited to reflect the current situation


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